We are located in the epic basement of Ljubljana’s Technology park. As soon as you walk in through the front door, you should see “Hekovnik” glowing in front of you slightly to the left. Head down the spiral stairs and through the door on your right. You are now at the Wall of wisdom and you can enter the Tearoom through the first door on your right or the Black hole through the second door on your right. Our third room is in the first floor of the building. You will recognise it by the sign Storming room (Viharnica) on the door.

Our address: Teslova 30, 1000 Ljubljana

We’re very thankful for the kindness of Ljubljana’s Technology park as well as Mr. Lesjak who are generously sponsoring our place to stay.


The Wall of wisdom – take your time and read these jewels of knowledge and inspiration



The Tea room – this is where our events usually take place



The Black hole – if we’re not in the Tea room, then you can probably find us here

the Black hole



The Storm room – the place for brainstorming and coaching